I’m cooking!

I never really learned how to cook, and it mostly just scares me. Also, when you’re cooking for one it often turns out to be less expensive to not cook (with exceptions). But I’ve recently discovered I love beans and even though I buy the healthiest canned beans I can find, this is one food where it would probably be less expensive and definitely healthier to make my own.

I’m starting with my favorite, pinto beans. I didn’t quite time this properly and now I’m afraid they won’t be done before I have to leave for the dentist. Also, I didn’t know they’d swell so much in the pre-soak and I’m going to have sixteen trillion tons more than I can eat.

Proof of my cook-age. Note how clean my stove is. My annual Spring Cleaning was a couple of weeks ago. It’s still quite shiny over here.


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2 thoughts on “I’m cooking!

  1. Kudos! I don’t know why but I was never afraid of cooking. I helped Mum in the kitchen when I was little but that was mostly licking the beaters. I just seemed to know what needed to be done with different raw ingredients to make things taste good. I follow recipes for baking of course! But I gave up trying to cook beans, even with a crockpot. I don’t know why but they are always crunchy for me and I don’t care for crunchy beans unless they are green! I will be inspired by your work and maybe make some in the fall.

  2. Some people are just natural artists in this area. I envy you! My beans did not come out well and I give up. Not entirely. I think I will try one more time, but mine came out slightly crunchy as well, and then I read that undercooked beans can KILL you!

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