Elsie Renee’s Oke Doke Bar

I already posted about Elsie and the Oke Doke here. But it was a bar on East 84th Street that I used to go to back in the early 1980s. Kevin Connell was nice enough to send me a picture of Elsie (with one of the regulars according to Kevin, a woman named Irene). Thank you, Kevin!

Elsie Renee at the Oke Doke Bar

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Elsie Renee’s Oke Doke Bar

  1. I went to the okie dokie a lot in the early 80s no cursing and be respectful and know someone to get in.
    She was a no nonsense lady and just a cool bar, is it still open?

  2. Hi Mark. I had another longer post about the Oke Doke, but no, it’s not open. It hasn’t been for a long time and Elsie has since passed away, I am sorry to tell you.

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