Ghostbusters in 4DX

I saw Ghostbusters in 4DX, something I hadn’t even heard of until I checked the movie times. What is this? Super duper 3D? No, it’s like a super duper William Castle Percepto/Emergo type experience, except your chair doesn’t vibrate a little, it buckets around in all directions and air and water is blown in your face and lights flash.

It was great at first, but pretty soon I started to dread any sort of action in the movie, because my chair was going to go crazy again and I’d gotten over the fun of that. It added nothing after the first time, it was just annoying. Filmmakers don’t want the audience to dread action. I feel bad saying that because I’m sure it cost a fortune to equip the theatre.

About the movie, I think the leads all did the best they could with the material, but it wasn’t a great script. I agree with everyone, Kate McKinnon is amazing, steals the whole show. I also adored Leslie Jones. Her character is an amateur historian, so of course I loved her, but there’s just something about her. She should be given a lead role, she just has this … godamnit, I can’t describe it. She has that thing where she feels like someone you grew up with, so whatever story she’s telling, you pay attention.

Thank god we were given the choice. I chose water off, although I got some spray from the people in front of me.


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2 thoughts on “Ghostbusters in 4DX

  1. Remember Smell-o-vision?
    (Yikes, I wrote that and suddenly remembered I had a Lampe Berger de-stinking the garage – the green recycle bin needs a scrubbing, which I’ll do after it gets emptied on Wednesday.)

    I know ‘everybody’ likes the movie ‘Bridesmaids’ but I found its scatological and sex-humour stupid. But Melissa McCarthy was a revelation and stole every scene she was in. Now, I liked her in ‘Heat’ and ‘Spy’ too and maybe the fault was also in the script, but she just didn’t shine as much in those movies. I wonder if it could be because she was carrying the whole thing. I also liked her very much in ‘Mike & Molly’ and that was an ensemble thing. I have only seen Leslie Jones in SNL that I am aware of but in looking at her credits, I was gobsmacked to see that she had been in a movie remake of an old Canadian tv show ‘Beachcombers’ called ‘The New Beachcombers’ which I am sure no one saw, especially in the US! The original ran in the 1970s. It was a Canadian thing, which is to say, not very good but much loved by us poor deprived Canucks.

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