I Hate the Hometowns

I love The Bachelor, and the Bachelorette, and the show about it, unReal. But I could never bear the hometown episode, the one where the bachelor or the bachelorette goes to the hometowns of the final four “contestants” to meet their families.

It’s just so unseemly, cruel and wrong. Why drag these poor families into it? They just want what’s best for their child or sibling, and they are doing and saying whatever they can to prevent them from getting their heart broken. It’s horrible to watch. No more hometowns! Please!

I want flowers but it’s too hot out there to get any. I will make do with a picture of flowers from my past, although this is a slightly sad one. That’s Buddy, who is no longer with us.


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6 thoughts on “I Hate the Hometowns

  1. Sweet Buddy… That tulip is bending down to get a better look at him, or maybe to whisper something in his ear. Buddy knew you loved him, I’m sure.

    Regarding this season’s Bachelorette:
    – why do so many of the guys tonight have such strange hair? Too much product & styled to within an inch of their lives (that didn’t make sense, I know).
    – It almost seems like, rather than film in the family’s REAL home, the show goes out & rents a fully-staged show home. (Well, except for what’s-his-name’s house that was missing a bannister). All these lovely family homes just seem to be the same type of place. They can’t all be above average income people? Do none of the parents have plastic covered furniture and plaid couches?
    – Have you noticed that no one ever eats on these visits with the family? Their plates are full of food but no one ever takes a bite. Probably because they film over several hours, I guess, and it’s easier to just keep everyone’s plates full & untouched.
    – I’ll bet that that guy (sorry, I never learn the names!!) she sent home at the airport will be the next Bachelor. Unless one of the 3 guys she still has with her is even more heartbroken than the airport guy was. Or made himself out to be…
    OK… Enough ranting. I guess I must enjoy it a little, despite my comments. If I don’t like it, I should change the channel!

  2. You’re watching! Luke was my favorite. All the rest are boring to me, except Jordan, because he doesn’t seem genuine to me. It feels like he’s acting.

    I agree about the hair (and everything else). I’m always distracted by it! I stare and stare because something seems off, and I wonder how it doesn’t flop over more, and there must be so much hairspray in there.

  3. I kind of liked James Taylor, up to a point, but he went home ages ago. And I never thought that he & JoJo had much chemistry.
    And what about this: since when have “former pro football player” and “former competitive swimmer” been occupations??? Is it just a nice way of saying “unemployed, and living in their parents’ basement”?

  4. Yes, James Taylor was a nice guy, it’s true. There were actually a lot of nice guys in this batch. Of the guys who are gone, Wells was my favorite. But I thought JoJo would be all wrong for him.

    My least favorite was Alex. (Chad is like, a comic-book character and not a person.) I thought he was a nasty, vindictive man.

  5. Wells is the one who took a while to get around to kissing JoJo, right? I wonder if that put a damper on the development of their relationship. I do not know if I could handle being in a situation like the Bachelorette (and I know that I don’t have to worry about it EVER happening!!!) – being around a crowd of guys all interested (or pretending to be interested) in building a relationship. And the bachelorette usually acts pretty receptive to their advances at first. I’d just get tired of making all that small talk.
    Yeah, Chad was just there as the token sh!t disturber, right? Every season has one. I wonder how liable the show would be if he had ever gone through with any of his threats. I was kind of surprised that they didn’t ask him to leave when all of that stuff started happening.
    It’s kind of nice to have someone to “talk” about this stuff with! I won’t even bring it up at work for fear of ridicule. (Not that my co-workers are all watching re-runs of Masterpiece Theatre or anything!)

  6. Hahaha. Yeah, when he said he would hunt them down after the show. I mean, come on. Insane. He continued to act insane, and they talk about all his “fans.” Please. Who??

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