My Life in TVs

I started this blog eleven years ago, in 2005, the same year I got my first HDTV, it turns out. Yes, I can trace my tv ownership through this blog. My oldest tv is below on the left, my first HDTV is on the right. It weighs 140 pounds and it’s sitting in my bedroom (overwhelming the tiny room) because I cannot carry it down five flights and neither can any of my current friends! (You’re also not allowed to put tvs on the street, so I have to figure something else out.)

I had to re-arrange my furniture a bit for the new tv, and the pictures on the wall behind it. I also bought a piece of wood to put on top of the green cabinet, so the two cabinets were of the same height, and the tv wouldn’t sit crooked.

That monster of a tv has served me well, but the new one is below …

Old TVs

Gorgeous!! That piece of wood is still there, although I painted it to make it look nicer. I got the VIZIO M43-C1 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED, in part so it wouldn’t become obsolete within a year or so of buying it. It’s more than I can afford so I’m a bit freaked out about that ($499.99). Except!! All the reviews said the sound was bad and so I bought a sound bar. The sound is just fine however, so I’m returning the sound bar when it arrives. That makes me feel less anxious.

The only reason I can afford this is my relatives gave me money for my birthday and I held onto it, waiting for just the right way to use it! So thank you Peter and Karen and Dad and Arlene!

(I just noticed you can also trace the pairing down of devices. There’s three in the oldest picture, and now just one, the Time Warner DVR, which is currently sitting behind the tv. I’m researching cutting the Time Warner cord.)


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