Thank You, Westfield World Trade Center

As a member of the 9/11 community I was invited to the opening of the new shopping center down at the WTC site. Normally I wouldn’t go, because when are things like this ever worth going to?? I don’t know why I did! But it was fabulous from beginning to end. We got this amazing gift bag, (and I mean really, truly amazing) the stores gave us stuff, there was a lovely “Sampling Cafe” with great food from the cafes in the shopping center, and fantastic entertainment.

So thank you to the organizers and everyone who worked to put this together, thank you 9/11 Tribute Center, and Leslie Odom, Jr., the School of Rock cast, Dr. Draw, the Harlem Gospel Choir, Jordan Smith and John Legend. I really had a great time and I appreciate your effort.

Some pictures of the School of Rock cast, who were insanely talented and adorable. I noticed that I caught them while airborne so a couple of closeups of that follow this first shot.

School of Rock Cast

School of Rock Cast

School of Rock Cast

the public domain aftermath

I’m so glad I did this. Sweat was pouring off me non-stop, in rivers, but shockingly, lots of people came out in this insane weather to hear us. When they went to check the crowds before we went out, no one was there, and we were fine with that. There is simply no exaggerating how hot it is here. There’s nothing like urban heat. The buildings and streets and sidewalks soak up and radiate everything the sun puts out, so the temperature is not only amplified, the waves are coming at you from all directions.

But when we walked out people were everywhere. They were encouraged to walk among us and they did. They commented and talked while we sang, which sounds like it should have been annoying, but it was the exact opposite. It was exciting. It was like having roving sportcasters giving live assessments of our progress. I loved it.

Here is David Lang (composer), Simon Halsey (conductor) and Annie-B Parson (choreographer)!


the public domain Premieres During a Heatwave

I’ve posted about the premiere of a choral piece by David Lang called the public domain that is supposed to happen tomorrow, in the plaza of Lincoln Center. I’m one of 1,000 singers expected to participate. We’re supposed arrive by 11am and practice for hours in the sun, when the temperature is expected to have a real feel of 105 – 110 degrees (like today). Honestly, I’m starting to think this may not be advisable. It can’t be a good idea to be out in the sun for hours when it’s like this. I can see going ahead with the performance, it’s not a long piece, but perhaps we should rehearse elsewhere. Except, there’s movement and we do need to practice at least once in the plaza. I feel for Lang and everyone who have worked to make this happen.

I’m still in, but this really is so unfortunate weather timing. The pictures below are from the last rehearsal of my group and another.




Waiting to Find out if the Swim is On

They close the pool for a half an hour after thunder. Then they reassess whether or not the pool will be open. We had a incredible storm, so I may not swim tonight.

I know this sounds incredible, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rainbow. Or rather, I haven’t seen one in so many years I can’t remember the last time I saw one. From my roof, a few minutes ago! It’s so big across the whole sky I couldn’t fit the entire arc of the rainbow in … without falling off my roof.