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I’m so glad I did this. Sweat was pouring off me non-stop, in rivers, but shockingly, lots of people came out in this insane weather to hear us. When they went to check the crowds before we went out, no one was there, and we were fine with that. There is simply no exaggerating how hot it is here. There’s nothing like urban heat. The buildings and streets and sidewalks soak up and radiate everything the sun puts out, so the temperature is not only amplified, the waves are coming at you from all directions.

But when we walked out people were everywhere. They were encouraged to walk among us and they did. They commented and talked while we sang, which sounds like it should have been annoying, but it was the exact opposite. It was exciting. It was like having roving sportcasters giving live assessments of our progress. I loved it.

Here is David Lang (composer), Simon Halsey (conductor) and Annie-B Parson (choreographer)!


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