Finney Update

I’m dropping Finney off for the biopsy. If it comes back positive they are recommending amputating his leg. Now, I know pets can do very well on three legs, but this is a sixteen year old cat with very bad arthritis in his back legs. He barely walks now, which means he’d have to balance his back end on one bad leg. He has to use pet stairs to get onto the couch! Will he be able to climb stairs?? A friend recommended a prosthetic leg, which I’m going to investigate, but I don’t know how I’m going to pay for the amputation (credit card) much less a prosthetic leg. Right now I’m hoping against hope that I don’t have to make these decisions.

People park cars, bikes, and now children’s scooters. This was outside P.S. 3 on Hudson Street.


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I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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