Waiting to Take Finney to the Vet and the Debate

I wish I had gotten an earlier appointment. I’m taking Finney for a consultation with a surgeon and I got a call saying don’t feed him after midnight (because he’s a gremlin) in case they need to perform surgery. It’s not very likely, I’m still leaning away from surgery, and I don’t see it happening right there and then. They have to do more tests, and then I want to discuss it with his regular vet. But who knows? So, now I’m sitting here with two hungry cats, waiting for the time when I can leave.

About the debate. I watched. I didn’t think Trump did as bad as last time, or that Hillary did as well, which was upsetting. But on the plus side, I don’t think last night will effect the election much. Some pundits are saying “he staunched the bleeding of his campaign,” but I don’t think he did as well as that. I think he will continue to fall, or bleed, just not at such a steep rate.

I took pictures of my apartment for insurance purposes. My shelves tell my whole life story. All the cat medications, my choir music, swimming trophies, the books I’ve read, and so on.


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2 thoughts on “Waiting to Take Finney to the Vet and the Debate

  1. Sorry about your hungry cats. 🙁 Poor things, poor you.

    As for the debate, I watched the whole thing. I just don’t know how Trump can continue to sound like a teenager when he talks and people continue to take him seriously. As for Hillary, I liked the way she was able to keep a straight face, when I would have been at least rolling my eyes. I also liked how she was able to focus on the questions from the audience and answer them without being distracted. I would have advised her to only talk about the things that matter to Americans and not get drawn into a useless back and forth about Trump’s foolishness, and she did that pretty well. But for the final debate, she should just completely ignore anything off topic and say what Americans need to hear about health care, taxes, defence, policing, etc. Rise above it, as my Mum used to say.

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