Finney Has Fibrosarcoma

Finney’s test results finally came back and he definitely has fibrosarcoma. But my vet said it’s still possible he would only need a leg amputation and even old cats can handle an amputation well. I love this vet and really trust her, and she strongly suggested taking Finney to a surgeon for a ct scan and a consult. The surgeon would weigh all the options; Finney’s age, weight, his arthritis, and then give me realistic options. I know I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t make a decision based on all the facts. So I’m taking Finney to a surgeon on Monday.

I feel for my neighbors. All day and all night I’m yelling, “BLEECKER! NO!” Here he is, about to pounce on Finney. I prevented it. This time. Of course I wonder how a three-legged Finney would manage against him.


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2 thoughts on “Finney Has Fibrosarcoma

  1. I wonder if you could prevail upon someone to pet sit Bleecker for the time being? Then Finney will have some quiet time and you all to himself.

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