Finney’s Home After Surgery

He seems relatively okay. He’s got a great big, mother of a long incision, and he’s very wobbly on his feet, but he’s eating and drinking, and if he was in a lot of pain he would be hiding out somewhere, not eating. I’m very stressed however, and I’m trying to relax. The box that I put out to give Finney a place to get away from Bleecker has been appropriated by the tormenter himself (scroll down to see).



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5 thoughts on “Finney’s Home After Surgery

  1. Yay, he’s home! He looks good in blue. 🙂 If relaxing is the goal, I do not recommend watching any political news. Maybe some music.

  2. Sweet face in his blue collar! Speedy recovery to Finney.
    Let Bleecker have his cardboard box… Perhaps he will give Finney some peace while he (Finney) snoozes near you, in the place of honour? (Yeah, right.)

  3. I am glad to see that things have turned out maybe even better than expected. Remember the breathe, and unhunch your shoulders. 😉

  4. What a great outcome! And yes, if he’s eating he’s feeling like his old self, that Finney. I hope he’s back to snoozing in sun beams and stalking pigeons on the fire escape and giving the stink-eye to Bleeker as if there never was a tumor. Sweet dreams, dear one.

  5. Thank you Rebecca, Nora, Jula and Vivian!

    He’s still healing very nicely, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still feeling stressed out, I need to take a nice long hot bath or something.

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