Still Throwing Myself into the Last Chapters of my Book

November 16th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorized

A picture I took from inside a taxi, when I was taking Finney home from the hospital. I’m actually already looking back on that day with nostalgia. Surgery had gone well and I was taking him home, full of hope for the future. Finney is doing well, but I still wake up every morning unable to accept that Fuckface von Clownstick is the president. How can this be??


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  1. 3 Responses to “Still Throwing Myself into the Last Chapters of my Book”

  2. By Rebecca on Nov 16, 2016

    OMG – I do the same thing. All that hope for the future when Hillary seemed to be riding high, and then WHAM the idiot wins! I keep trying to understand but the reason evades me. And I don’t believe any of the talking heads on cable anymore. They were all wrong. But I do have this tiny little hope deep inside that this is only the dark before the dawn. That keeps me smiling.

  3. By Karen on Nov 17, 2016

    Love the name you have given him 🙂

  4. By Stacy Horn on Nov 17, 2016

    I can’t take credit! That was Jon Stewart’s name for him!

    Rebecca, me too.

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