One of the Beautiful People at Fashion’s Night Out

Weirdly, even though I was surrounded by a lot of beautiful people who were a lot better dressed, I felt pretty walking around Fashion’s Night Out last night. When all is said and done, I am happy about how I look. For now. But I’ve got my eye on you looks.

The best activity was actually in the Meat Market, not on Bleecker Street. This was some sort of Moulin Rouge set-up. I forget the vendor. In every case I forget the vendors, although I want to thank the following vendors for the free stuff: popchips (delicious, not just saying that because it was free, I’m addicted now, hey, wait a minute … thanks a heap popchip) Capezio (free tights) Maybelline (free mascara).

Fashion's Night Out

I wish I had gotten better shots that gave an overview of the activity. It was a madhouse. But I like the bustle-y feel of this shot. There were all these tall girls who must be models all over the place. Not fond of the Lady Gaga shoes.

Fashion's Night Out Models on the Run

People giving and getting free stuff.

Fashion's Night Out Giving out Free Stuff

11th Street was blocked off for the Teen Vogue party this year instead of Perry Street. The Perry Street residents are probably relieved except I thought they got money for putting up with it every year. Over all, Bleecker Street vendors didn’t make an effort this year. It looked like very little money was spent.

Fashion's Night Out Teen Vogue

A little while after I got home they started testing the Tribute in Lights. They always do a test run before 9/11.

Testing the Tribute in Lights

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2 thoughts on “One of the Beautiful People at Fashion’s Night Out

  1. I really dislike so many of the new shoe & boot styles. Especially the ones where the foot & platform sole appear to be one piece… looks like the wearer has some misshapen kind of foot. And not a fan of the bootie. Uh-oh… do I sound old???
    Anyway, very interesting pics!

  2. Yeah, the ones you describe are the ones I call Lady Gaga shoes. I don’t like those, but I like a lot of the others (and the booties). I won’t wear them though because I am old and they’re insane. But I like how they look.

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