Books and Mice

I had my first meeting with my editor after handing in my book. The big fear is that I’m going to hear, “I’m sorry, but we’ve decided to cancel the book.” After two years of doing what I thought was my best work, I don’t think I would have survived that! But she didn’t say anything like that. She wants tinkering and changes, of course, but that’s okay! All the changes she asked for with my last book made it a lot better, so I’m excited to dive back in rather than discouraged. (Plus she said things like it was fascinating and extremely well written, so that didn’t hurt!!)

My mouse problem is not going as well. But I did hear from the exterminator, who said he’d stop by on Wednesday to drop off something called an “earth bag,” which would absorb the odor. He didn’t think the mouse should still be smelling up my apartment though. That scares me a little. Maybe something else, something more dangerous, is causing the smell.

I went up to the roof. I’m on the top floor and I thought I might see something that could explain the smell. I don’t know what, but I looked around and nothing stood out for me. This is the section of the roof over where the odor is strongest. There are old chimneys in this spot, but they are all blocked off.

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3 thoughts on “Books and Mice

  1. Kudos on your book! You are a really good writer so it would never be the writing that might be a problem!

    As for the mouse, I agree with the exterminator that a tiny mouse could not make that much odour. Even if there had been a nest of baby mice and they all died, I think they would desiccate rather than stink up the joint. I also think you are onto something with the chimneys, blocked or not. Go with your intuition and get someone to check them.

  2. Oh, I don’t know. We had a chipmunk pass away in our garage and you wouldn’t believe how bad that smelled and for how long. At least a week before we could even locate it (it was behind some paneling) and if we hadn’t gotten it out of there I’m sure it would have smelled for a long time to come.

    I agree with Julia on both the kudos and the suggestion to go with your intuition if something bothers you about the chimneys. Either way getting the exterminator will be a good step.

  3. The exterminator really wasn’t any help, but they left something they said would help with the smell. We shall see. The landlord is supposed to send a plumber to check the pipes but we shall see how soon that happens.

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