St. Philip Neri Parochial School, Northport, NY

I was talking about school uniforms with some friends and I wanted to upload a picture of my school uniform to show them. That’s me in the center front row, with the bow on top of my head. We also had these cute hats, that were kinda like Peter Pan hats, but without the feather.

St. Philip Neri Parochial School, Northport, NY

Stacy Horn

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7 thoughts on “St. Philip Neri Parochial School, Northport, NY

  1. Public school kid here, so no uniforms or cute hats.

    But we weren’t allowed to wear pants until I was a junior in high school (way back in the dark ages – 1971) so I remember many a very cold winter day in miniskirts and knee socks trudging to school in NE Ohio. In snow! Up to my waist! Both ways up hill! 😉

  2. It was the same for me in NY. Insane. Except in really bad weather I’d put on pants that I had to take off when I got to school.

  3. Hi Sg. I’m not entirely sure, around 1966 or 1967? Who do you think she is? Are you talking about my left in the picture, or to the left of me looking at the picture?

  4. After I left you the comment above, I had the chance to share the photo with my sister and she confirmed that it’s her, Tara, sitting to your immediate left in the picture (meaning, to the right of you looking at the photo). The picture was probably taken in the 3rd grade, which would have been during the 1964-1965 school year (and aI as in the 5th grade at that time). Our family moved away from Long Island and St. Phillips in the summer of 1965, so that means June of 1965 would have been the latest possible date of the picture.

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