Gizmo, Gadget, Gordo and Gremlin

Those are the names of the first batch of kittens in my “Q”. I’ve been assigned to Quarantine 1 (during the morning shift). (Earlier I said I was in charge and I realized that was WAY over-stating it!) All kittens are quarantined for 14 days while they make sure they don’t have any terrible or less terrible diseases or viruses. I have another cat Cupid, and two neonates named Michael and Jordon, but I have less to do with the neonates. The night crew is coming in during the day right now to learn bottle feeding. They have to learn first because that’s what they will be doing all night long, going from Q to Q, feeding the bottle babies.

I half watch them with envy as they get to feed the teeniest ones, but it also makes me nervous because it looks hard.

A row of backyards in Brooklyn. I love City backyards.

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3 thoughts on “Gizmo, Gadget, Gordo and Gremlin

  1. I love looking at yards and gardens too! Then I think, what would I do differently?

    That sounds like a lot of work with kittens! But I would think so rewarding. You’ll figure out the feeding thing, I have no doubt.

  2. Kittens are exhausting. It’s all “Me Me Me Me.” That’s why I’ve never had kittens.

    JUST KIDDING. I can imagine the cuteness and the pathos overload you must be experiencing in your role as caretaker of these vulnerable little critters .

    I read this some where, that the two most perfectly designed “things” in our world are — No. 1: The Clock (can’t improve upon that awesome dial) ; and No. 2: The Cat — can’t improve upon how this animal has no superfluousness in its design as top predator, no matter who small.

    Even that pic of the slumbering Finney — he’s all coiled energy, ready to purr at a nano second’s notice.

  3. Thanks for the laugh, Vivian!

    Julia, it’s an insane amount of work. I got three more kittens, and started learning bottle feeding yesterday, and I couldn’t finish all I had to do. I made sure I got feedings in and cleaned the cages with kittens, but all the other cages were backburnered.

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