All Cats all the Time

I wish I was allowed to take and post pictures from the Kitten Nursery at the ASPCA, you would all just die. Today I am in love with Tater and Waffles. (I don’t name them, although I could. They let everyone suggest names and put them on a board. I’m just not into naming any.)

I know I’ve been all cats all the time for a while now, but that will change. Right now I’m focused on Finney. I found another massive mass on him. Why are they always so big?? I have a call into his doctor.

I always go by their eating habits when I pick the time to let them go. When they stop eating, and start hiding out somewhere alone, it’s time. But Finney is still eating well, and still wants to sit on my lap or curl up on the couch.

Finney in better days, sprawled on the floor sleeping.


Stacy Horn

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