Still No Kittens

My kittens are not back, but I visited them on Sunday and saw on their medical chart that their diarrhea was worse than what I was told. It doesn’t make their absence any harder, but now I understand why they are being held, and I’m glad they are getting the right care (I wrote a thank you on their chart).

I’m hoping against hope that they’re okay now and that I’ll be taking them home today.

I was on jury duty yesterday, but was dismissed after one day only. Most of us were. But I used the waiting time in the jury room to get a good start on the source notes for my book.

Criminal Court Building

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3 thoughts on “Still No Kittens

  1. It’s interesting how different our stressors are, depending on what our circumstances are. Good for you for getting work done during the interminable waiting that is jury duty. I too hope your kittens will be well soon.

  2. I hope your kittens will be home soon.

    One of the worst experiences was adopting a small puppy from the local animal shelter. I could tell she was stressed, but they had changed policy that required adopted pets to go for spaying/neutering BEFORE being taken home. (I understand that, but still…) Anyway, I had made a lot of preparations for the new puppy; she was a small mix breed, so cute. I named her “Sissy.”

    And she died after being spayed. The vet called to tell me, and I just lost it. I think she was too stressed from being in the animal shelter, and that if she’d been home FIRST to regain some calm and health, later the spay wouldn’t have been so hard on her. Sigh.

    I’ve had numerous cats/kittens spayed/neutered over the years, and three dogs, but that was the only time I ever lost one.

    Hang in there, keeping my fingers crossed for your kitties!

  3. Cara, I remember you talking about Sissy. That is a horribly sad story, I really feel for you.

    I still don’t have the kittens. Now they are testing them for ringworm and I have to wait 5 – 10 days for the cultures.

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