I Miss Stacy and Clinton

I was watching reruns of What Not to Wear the other day. God I miss Stacy and Clinton. That was a fun show. I also miss the hope that one day I’d get to be on it.

This bird was tweeting the other day as I walked past and I loved the sounds it made. It’s a common bird, but I must admit I don’t know what it is.

Stacy Horn

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5 thoughts on “I Miss Stacy and Clinton

  1. Ah, the infamous LBJ as known by birders or for non-birders, Little Brown Job. It’s a sparrow; could be a house sparrow but I can’t really say for certain from the picture.

  2. It is a House Sparrow, otherwise known as an English Sparrow? May be too much information but that’s a misnomer because it isn’t a Sparrow in ornithologic terms . It is a Weaver Finch, originally from England, imported to help eat all the horse manure when that was a problem in cities like NYC. Now, because there isn’t as much horse manure in cities, their numbers are declining.

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