Did you march?

I was just saying this on Facebook, but as a former kid who marched for women’s rights, civil rights, and against the Vietnam War, I can’t tell you how much hope this march gives me.

I’ve often felt sorry for younger people today, the way that they are pushed to achieve from the time they are born, but now I’m seeing the plus side of this. This is just the beginning, but already I see that they bring a certain determination and intelligence to their protest that I didn’t possess at the time (and I’m only speaking for myself there, we had very impressive leaders at the time too). I’ve been waiting for them to step up, and just look at them.

I’ve felt such despair lately but maybe we’re going to turn this all around.

I had planned to march but I got a shift at the ASPCA’s hospital and I had to take it. But the subway on the way to work was packed with people on their way to the march. I sat next to a women who said she was a teacher and a mother so of course she was marching.

March For Our Lives

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2 thoughts on “Did you march?

  1. I just realized I hadn’t visited your blog in forever! Sorry. I love what you have to say, all the time. I guess I am busy with my own stuff, which is good.

    I too LOVE these kids who are instigating the marches and rallies. We had a small one on my campus at BGSU and I went and hung out on the perimeter for solidarity. I love being hopeful.

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