Meow for Now

June 13th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized

The ASPCA is starting a big push to find fosters for kittens this season. They’re calling it Meow for Now. Having kittens in the house is the best mood-enhancer. If you follow Paris Zarcilla’s tweets you’ll see exactly what I mean. A cat made its way into his apartment and had kittens, and his delight in finding himself a “father” is just irresistible. An example. You can scroll up to see more. Everything is better when kittens are in the house.

If you follow Hannah Shaw, aka the Kitten Lady, she’s going to talk live about it on Instagram at 2:30 EST today.

This is either Bodhi or Bali, kittens I fostered-to-adopt. The ASPCA calls it that when you’re fostering kittens under 8 weeks old, but you plan to adopt them. You can’t adopt a kitten until it’s old enough, but you can foster kittens at any age. That’s called foster-to-adopt. For me the younger the better, I love bottle feeding kittens.

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