“Thirty years ago, we had a chance to save this planet.”

August 17th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized

A haunting, upsetting, infuriating article about a missed chance to minimize the effects of global warming. I am so grateful to the people who researched the article, the author, and especially all the heroes named within the piece, who tried to do something about this looming nightmare.

The sign at Fort Tryon Park which is the same as the one in the movie The Cat People. It always makes me happy to see it and I’ve posted pictures of it before. Scroll down, please.

Forty Tryon Park

This was from 2016.

Fort Tryon Park, 2016

And this was taken in 2013. I wish I’d take it from the same angle everytime so it could be more of a comparison. The park feels like it’s getting more lush over time and this photograph seems to indicate that might be true. I’d say it’s going to be underwater someday, but it is kinda high up. Maybe it will be saved.

Fort Tyron Park

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