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5 thoughts on “What kind of tree is this? And this flower?

  1. Crepe myrtle. I have one in my garden – a variety called Sioux. Has deep red flowers on it. If you get a chance, read about crepe murders here in the South.

  2. Yes Karen is correct! 🙂 As soon as I saw it I knew. I live in south Texas and they are very common here. They all grow in different shapes and sizes too, which is pretty cool. I never knew about the Crepe murders though, I’ll have to look that up. Are these crepe murders related to the tree?

  3. Ok…. LOL! I thought you were actually talking about real murders called The Crepe Murders hahaha. Its very weird because I have lived in South Texas for 21 years and Crepe myrtles are everywhere, and I have never heard that terminology used before in association with the CM tree. Well you learn something everyday right? Hahaha

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