The Dumbing Down of Stacy

I just read an essay about the dumbing down of America which made me want to weep. But it also made me look at myself. I don’t read a tenth of what I used to read, and I definitely used to think more. It’s hard to explain. I’m as curious as I’ve always been about just about everything, and researching one thing or another is still a favorite past time. But I used to question more, ponder more. There’s something about my thinking these days that just feels more passive. It’s not that I’ve ever been terribly informed or educated. I couldn’t pass the test they give to prospective citizens. I could never answer the questions on that show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

But I used to spend more time thinking about whatever it was I’d just learned, and talking to anyone who was willing to talk to me if it was something that set my brain on fire. Another thing that doesn’t happen so much anymore.

What else I’ve done so far on my day off today:

– Tried to fix my broken vacuum cleaner. Fail.
– Tried to trim the cat’s nails. 8 nails down before the first cat freaked, 22 to go.
– Oh shit. That’s it.

Another disturbing piece of street art that I love. I think this must be the same artist as the recent piece of street art I just posted about.

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2 thoughts on “The Dumbing Down of Stacy

  1. I don’t think it is the dumbing down of Stacy as I am suffering from the same issue. I used to read a couple of books a week and now I find it impossible to finish one up in a couple of weeks.

    I think it is too many distractions – I have three Kindles in various sizes which offer me not only my books (I have over 800 ebooks), but also my magazines, my cable TV app, Hulu, Netflix and so forth.

    Who was it that said we’re amusing our selves to death? I’m certainly the poster child.

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