Virus and the City: Signs of Spring

I’ve got the free Met Opera streaming as I work on this post. Thank you Metropolitan Opera! Oh, they are beginning with a ballet. Nice. Anyway, I went out for a walk in my new ghost town, and came across lots of signs of spring like this. But …

There was also this abandoned sign for a store that is currently not open.

Stacy Horn

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6 thoughts on “Virus and the City: Signs of Spring

  1. Welcome to Wisconsin, kid!
    Nothing about coronavirus is really funny but I do get a slight chuckle when people suggest it might get better when it gets warmer…I’m like, it’s Wisconsin, it doesn’t truly get warm until June (or May if you’re lucky).

  2. Low- to mid-30s here today. Snow predicted for tomorrow night! 🙂
    I probably exaggerated on June warmth (May can be pretty nice), but I’m older than I used to be and find I need warmer temps than I used to, to actually feel warm! We’ve also been ridiculously wet now for at least two years, so it feels kind of perpetually damp and muddy and cold when we’re outside, even if the sun is shining.
    Hope you’re hanging in well there. Sorry you can’t foster animals at your house but good on you for getting the word out.

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