Let’s Finish the Job in Georgia

“Georgia, home to John Lewis, is now the ultimate battlefield …” I’ve been wondering what I can do to help Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win their senate races. I just watched Robert Reich’s latest video and he made suggestions (the quote came from him). I am not supporting these candidates simply because they are democrats. If you go to their websites to donate to their campaigns, read about who they are and what they intend to do. They are decent people who are going to help the people of Georgia. Then compare what you learn to the republicans candidates, who parroted Trump’s claims that COVID was nothing to worry about, and then turned around and began making millions of dollars worth of stock trades, beginning the same day Congress received a briefing about the virus! Perdue even invested in DuPont, a company which manufactures PPE.

People in Georgia have until December 7th to register, and 17 year olds who will turn 18 by January 5th can register and vote. Do you know anyone in Georgia? Contact them. Especially if they have high school age children.

He also suggested donating to Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and to these organizations:

Fair Fight Action
The New Georgia Project
Black Voters Matter Fund

You can have your donation split evenly between the two candidates and Fair Fight Action by going here, and then you can also donate to The New Georgia Project and Black Voters Matter separately.

Please pass this information on!

I walked by this building yesterday and wondered how it was possible I’d never noticed it before. It needs some work, but it’s so charming, isn’t it? Those windows! I think this picture fits in this post because the building is blue.

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