My Life in TVs – Part 2

I got a new tv! The previous one, a VIZIO M43-C1 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED, was only four years old when it died on me. Very frustrating. After an intense search I bought a mid-priced tv, the 43 inch Sony X800H. But I wasn’t happy. So I decided to replace it with either a VERY expensive tv, or an INSANELY expensive tv. After much angsting and deliberating I went with VERY. It’s a 49 inch Sony X950H.

This is a case where getting this new tv took a village, or rather, the top floor of people in my building. My next door neighbor on my right, Beth, drove me and my rejected tv back to P.C. Richards, then waited in the car until they processed that return. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the TV I wanted in stock, so she waited in the car some more while I ran across the street to Best Buy to see if they had one. The closest store where they had one was in Brooklyn so she then drove me to Brooklyn, waited some more while they got my tv, and they she drove us back and helped me carry it up five flights of stairs. Beth is, as you can see, a saint. We’ve lived on this floor for the past … 30 years? Something like that.

Then, my next door neighbor on the left, Eamon, came over and mounted it to the wall for me. I’ve known Eamon since he was a little boy! He grew up into a very nice young man and great neighbor, and this isn’t the first time he’s come over to do something handy for me. Here he is, installing the wall mount. I got a full-motion mount so I could turn it as needed.

And here is my new, and VERY expensive tv (and Bleecker in the chair). I love it. The picture is gorgeous. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the increased size but I love that too.

Stacy Horn

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