Nobel Prize Partying

The party for my cousin Bill Kaelin, who won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, finally happened this past weekend. It was postponed twice due to the pandemic, but we got to celebrate last Saturday. I only took a few pictures and they didn’t come out well, but here they are, such as they are.

This is the view of the tables and the glittering settings as we entered the dining room.

William Kaelin Nobel Prize 2019

This is my and my sister-in-law Robin Horn in our gowns.

William Kaelin Nobel Prize 2019

A shot of one of the gowns I loved (there were many, I love fancy gowns, it turns out).

William Kaelin Nobel Prize 2019

This is the Nobel Laureate jumping up and down for joy at the end of the evening (we were all dancing). That is my brother Douglas to his left. It was a magical evening, and my cousin is such a lovely person.

William Kaelin Nobel Prize 2019

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