American Museum of Natural History

I went to see the newly renovated Gems and Minerals exhibit, and to go to a planetarium show. My god but planetarium shows are transporting. I would actually pay double to just sit there and have them move through the stars, with only a little commentary about what I’m seeing. Being able to see stars and the Milky Way would actually be the one thing that might get me to ever leave New York City.

I loved the new Gems and Minerals exhibit, but I discovered that I’m not as curious about how they are formed as I thought I would be. Or maybe I’d rather read a book about it, or see a movie. That said, I loved looking at all the objects and learning a little about them. Such natural beauty. It’s insane.

This just made me think of a fun project! A cabinet of curiosities! I should start one. I have a cabinet. I don’t love it, but I could start with that.

None of my pictures captured the beauty of the gems and minerals, so I’m posting a picture of what was once my favorite thing about the museum.

American Museum of Natural History

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2 thoughts on “American Museum of Natural History

  1. Magnificent creature that actually lived on this earth. What a wonderful museum. I love your New York life! Now I want to go to a planetarium too.

  2. It is a wonderful place. There’s another planetarium out on Long Island that I grew up going to and I want to visit that one again, too.

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