The downside of being a writer: reviews

Someone just posted the meanest of mean-mean-mean reviews about The Restless Sleep on Amazon.  Worse, it’s kinda funny, I have to admit.  Funny is convincing. Ugh. In my next life I hope I chose a profession where people are not invited to publicly take shots at you.

Adding to the beginning of my not-fun day, I heard from a relative of someone in the book—I think she was hurt by what I wrote. This is why I decided not to write about crime anymore. There’s just too much potential to cause people pain. It’s the kind of subject where you’re pretty much guaranteed to distress someone.

Anyway, I helped give a tour of the WTC this morning and took this on the way home.  It’s one of the bars around the site where the recovery workers and volunteers hung out.  It’s a nice memory.  Here’s hoping the rest of my day is better.

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8 thoughts on “The downside of being a writer: reviews

  1. Yes, the review was snarky, but look at this way – out of the 17 reviews you had 10 five-star and 3 four-star reviews – 13 saying it was really good. And I thought so too, so make that fourteen good reviews!

  2. Awwww, Thank you for saying so. We’re so needy it seems. Writers, I mean. Although I guess we all need a good review now and again.

  3. Hey, after receiving a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly (like that was easy to come by – awesome!), I would say that the snarky review came from someone who may be a wee bit jealous and it’s just sour grapes. I’d just ignore it.

  4. Steel yourself. Cheap shots are just exactly that – cheap. Anybody can make them. Especially those, from my experience,who wouldn’t know a good book if it dropped on their heads.

  5. Maybe someone just didn’t like the book. They aren’t necessarily being “mean” to you. They aren’t even necessarily directing their comments at you, but at potential readers.

  6. Illegitimi non carborundum. (You can look it up at Wikipedia if you’ve not heard of it.)
    I agree with above comments – it was only one of many good reviews. Go back and look at that puppy coyote and that will cheer you up!

  7. I did look it up, ha! Thanks! And yeah, Charlie as a puppy. If I had Charlie it would be hard to ever leave my house.

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