Thank you, Astoria Bookshop and Clinton Book Shop

I am having such a good time at the events for my books, and I’m so grateful to the bookstores hosting events. The hardest part about writing books is selling them! You always hear writers talking about the difficulties of actually writing the things and for me that doesn’t compare to actually getting them into reader’s hands.

My event yesterday included a walking tour given by Judith Berdy, the president of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society. Thank you, Judith! Thank you everyone who came! Among them were friends, someone whose great grandmother went to nursing school on Blackwell’s Island, a former Sisters of Charity nun (my book tells the story of a Sisters of Charity nun who was committed to Blackwell’s Island) and fellow morbid history buffs.

A few pictures from the tour. I loved the cool plane that flew into my shot of the Smallpox Hospital ruins.

Blackwell's Island

I took this looking inside the Strecker Memorial Laboratory (a former pathology lab associated with City Hospital) because of the wonderful art deco machinery inside.

Strecker Memorial Laboratory, Blackwell's Island

And this is a plaque dedicated to the hero of my book, the Rev. William Glenney French.

Blackwell's Island

Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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3 thoughts on “Thank you, Astoria Bookshop and Clinton Book Shop

  1. Stacy, were any of your books easier to sell than the others?

    I heard you do a radio interview on Wisconsin Public Radio, I think, about Imperfect Harmony and ended up buying several copies for gifts.

  2. Will you be doing any events/readings the week of June 9-14? I’ll be on a little holiday in NYC (I live on the west coast of Canada) those days and would love to attend if you’re going to be reading or talking about your book on those dates. Been reading your blog since 2006!

  3. Lisa, oh no! I don’t have anything planned for that week currently!! (Thank you for hanging in there with my blog since 2006!)

    Trudy, I do think selling the singing book was the easiest. It has a smaller audience, but that audience, like me, gets singing.

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