I Need to go Shopping

I went to Darien, CT last night to the Wee Burn Country Club to celebrate my cousin Debbie’s birthday. I have to say, I love all my cousins, and the people they married. Seriously. Every one of them is smart, interesting, nice, and fun to spend time with. I wish I had brought my camera so you could meet them all. I’m such an idiot. Plus, it was raining, then sleeting, and I discovered that the shoes I selected had holes in the bottom of each of them. That’s because I hate shopping. I buy something when I must and then, apparently, not again until they fall apart.

Oh, and when I went to my closet I could only find one thing that seemed appropriate, and I’m pretty sure I wore the EXACT same dress the last time I went to the Wee Burn Country Club two years ago when my last unmarried cousin got married. (I am now the only umarried cousin left.)

Here’s a picture of me three years ago when I bought this dress. I loved it so much I had to get a picture of me in it. Isn’t it a pretty spring dress?

Here is me in my dress now. My hair is long these days, and I wear it back. I still love this dress, I have to say. Sorry for the out-of-focus.


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One thought on “I Need to go Shopping

  1. Your look reminds me of a far more innocent, pleasant and of course, distant, time-when we were in grade school. The girls looked like girls…and the boys looked like…boys.

    But for a few years later, as in high school, between the hair and the duds, it could be hard to tell the two genders apart-sometimes, at least.

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