New Banner

April 24th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

My friend Jackie Broner made me a banner!! I couldn’t help noticing how many people had nice, custom made banners, and, well, I didn’t. So I asked Jackie, who did the banner for blog for The Restless Sleep, which gets a million compliments, if she could do one for this blog too, and this is what she did!!


Look how nice Buddy and Finney look. Finney is giving such a sweet look. But you know they’re evil, right? I think I explained that. Do not be swayed by those looks. Evil. Totally, totally evil. I may be lost but SAVE YOURSELVES.

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  2. By michelle on Apr 25, 2006

    Evil is what we call our bunny. We got her from the spca after she had lived for two years in an elementary school classroom. Her name was Penelope but we had to change it to Lola because she just wasn’t a Penelope. She spends quality time out and about in the house (litter box trained) but likes none of us. She literally growls. She bit me in the nose once. Hard. They say bunnies live 7-10 years in captivity and she is 6 now. I keep hearing about sweet bunnies other people have. Good thing my cats are sweet.

  3. By Stacy Horn on May 1, 2006

    Ha! I’d love to hear a bunny growl.

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