The Kittening

I don’t know who is who, of the kittens.  I can only identify the people. If you don’t like kittens you definitely want to skip over this post.  It’s an orgy of kittens.  Thank you Lisa and Mary Ann for bringing these little furballs of perfection all the way up from DC.  

There’s a movie at the end.  All the kittens are dark and the apartment was dark, so it’s not great.  I did the best I could.  Plus, I wasn’t allowed to show anyone’s face so I was working under a lot of constraints! 

Is this the same cat?  A different cat?  I don’t know.

This is Justine and her new girls.

This one likes me.  (They all liked me.  Best, I think.)  

In reality they were all rather squirmy with me while they rested peacefully with everyone else.

Oh God.  What did he see that I didn’t??

This is Margaret and Mark, and their new kittens (a boy and a girl).

Justine again, looking blissful.  As I would look if I was about to take two of these kittens home.

See, I did a self-portrait of me with one of the kittens.  Doesn’t he have that “get me out of here” look on his face??

And finally, a short movie.

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