Collecting Paranormal Pictures

June 5th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Although many are disappointing, they’re so quaint in their fakeness, I love photographs of the paranormal. These are of British medium Colin Evans, and they were taken in 1938 with infrared film. It’s not obvious to me how he’s doing it!



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  2. By MT.Net on Jun 5, 2006

    Interesting. Look at his pantslegs. The slack in his pantslegs is drawn forward, which is not how one would expect it if he were hanging. Is he being picked up by the legs by something unseen? Or did he jump and was simply on the way down when this photograph was taken?

    I am concerned about the diagonal line crossing the left corner of the top photograph, though. Could this be a wire hoisting the good medium airborne? Or is it simply a defect in the print?

    I seem to see a similar diagonal line crossing the left corner of the drapes in the bottom photo, too, though much less pronounced.

    Overall, I’m wary of any supposed proof which takes place in the dark.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Jun 6, 2006

    You’re right that the movement of the pants provides some clue. And I also agree about proof that only takes place in the dark. Fun pictures, though.

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