Thank You and Blogging my Birthday

I was worried that going on and on about my birthday was going to make everyone want kill me, but now I’m glad I did. I woke up to all this nice email, and comments here, and an IM from the guy I had fallen in love with bigtime, but it didn’t work out alas, in fact, he broke my heart worse than ANYONE EVER, but apparently I’m doomed to love the guy until the day I die (typical, right?) because it was nice to wake up to an IM showing he remembered and was thinking of me. (No need to point out I’m a loser. I KNOW.)

I go to the gym and come back and my best friends on Echo completely surprised me with a gift!! I had recently re-discovered these pearl stud earrings my sister-in-law Karen picked out for me and I was wearing them everyday, I loved them so much. Then I lost one down the shower drain. I unscrewed the whole thing, checked the trap but it was GONE. I couldn’t believe it! I was so forlorn. But my first gift of the day was a new set of pearl earrings from my Echo friends!!

See!! (Sorta!!)


Then, I went to meet my friends Emily and Clive’s new baby Gabriel (who of course was gorgeous, and if you saw Emily and Clive you’d be like, “yeah, well, of course they have a beautiful child, hello”), and they had cake and raspberries waiting for me!! So this amazing chocolate cake was the first thing I ate today.

More to come …


I’ve been opening up cards and email. I love it! Thank you everyone who sent me cards and email. My plan was to go a couple of galleries and maybe to MOMA. Forget MOMA. But now I’m feeling too lazy to go the galleries. But if I don’t, all I will have done for my birthday is SHOP.

Which reminds me, I went to get a new pair of my favorite brand of jeans and I went down to size 0. ZERO. Happy birthday, Stacy!!


I just realized I can use my isight camera to get another picture of my earrings, and less blurry.



Ohmygod. Mr. Worst-Heart-Break-EVER sent me a generous gift! Sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh. Sigh to the infinity power.


Okay, the galleries all close at 6PM, so I am forced to extend my birthday until Tuesday, when they open again. I had already decided to extend it until tomorrow because Howard and I mutually agreed to change birthday dinner tonight to lunch tomorrow, because lunch is more fun.


Ohgod. I looked and I missed the boxing class I was considering, too. So, I ran out, got a fruit smoothie and a slice of pizza and for my birthday I’m going to watch the movie Shaun of the Dead, which I have already seen at least ten times, but apparently I will never tire of it, and I will laugh at all the jokes like I’ve never heard them before.

I have gifts to open! And I’ve got more coming because I have two birthday dinners coming up!! Here are the gifts I have left to open. The pile to the left are the gifts I gave myself. The SIZE ZERO jeans, and a couple of tshirts.


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