Bizarre Moments of Happiness from Last Year

I started this journal — and I got the idea from Oprah, God help me — where I write down three things I accomplished each day, and three positive things from the day. The instructions where great. Oprah said something about how some days it’s hard to find a positive thing and she’ll make entries like, “saw a squirrel.” So, here are some of my positive things from last year. You can tell when I was scraping bottom.

– my tooth fell out and down the drain, but the super retrieved it [it was a cap, actually].
– my new calculator works.
– a blizzard has begun.
– the Frick.
– MacDonald’s french fries.
– the water that Ruby gave me at the movies.
– the headless bride painting from Cricket.
– my newly replaced shower water filter.
– Bill Owens wrote me back [photographer I admire].
– Finney not being poisoned.
– The Half and Half is still good [oh man, what kind of sorry-ass day could I have been having when the fact that my Half and Half wasn’t sour was the best thing I could think of that day??].
– Eye contact with the Mayor [Bloomberg, he spoke at an event that I performed at and totally checked me out].
– the pizza guys know me and usually give me a good slice.
– the cover of my book is up on Amazon!
– Deadwood.
– nobody I know died [really scrapping bottom that day].
– Naveen Andrews dancing.
– figuring out the higher level ipod shuffle.
– I could afford to pay my taxes.
– purring.
– New pjs, a quiet night, lovely breeze blowing in the scent from my candle. It’s like childhood with that nice long stretch of summer ahead.
– was able to give decent directions to three sets of tourists.
– Really nice visit with Dr. Shaler, love that guy.
– my tweezers are pink.
– Love love love love (to the infinity power) my new top, even Howard commented on it.
– Lovely lovely cruise up the East River, which is a tidal something or other, not a river, it turns out.
– Kim and Oscar Wilde people screaming for me [these are friends from a bookstore, I was drumming in a parade and they screamed out my name when I went by].
– It’s hard to remember after the fact three nice things so I’m going to let this one go, and just say: cats, cats, cats.
– Great idea from an editor at Ecco, I want to write this book BAD [and now I am!!].
– getting some medicine into Buddy without getting killed.
– Shaun of the Dead [this movie has appeared three times so far in my journal].
– Figured out Hark the Herald Angels descant.
– dinner didn’t suck [that’s when I was in Durham and couldn’t find a decent place to eat, I’m talking about a veggie burger from Burger King in this entry].
– people knowing my order at Burger King [I started going there a lot].
– Realizing I’ll be in good shape for my 50th birthday, at least I’ll have that [and I did!].
– Cats are totally eating [they were sick].
– Sean of the Dead [again! I don’t know which spelling is correct].
– remembering how wonderful a good book is.
– the parking garage guys across the street carrying the machine up, yeah, I had to pay them, but just having someone there to pay was a godsend [I couldn’t lift the computer Echo used to run on, much less carry it up five flights and no friends were around and I was STUCK so I was very happy].

Okay, now I’m back in the present. Today I’m going to the wedding of two people I met while volunteering at ground zero, Diane and Brian. Hopefully I will be back with pictures! I meant to buy a new dress so I’m not wearing the same dress I’ve worn to every warm weather event for the past three years (in fact there’s a picture of me in it up on this blog), but I forgot. I’m a pretty girly-girl, I think and then I have these lapses. The wedding isn’t until 2PM. Maybe I could go quick and get one before the wedding, if I didn’t freaking live in we-don’t-open-until-noon part of town, that is.

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I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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