Tired, Tired, Tired

Douglas Horn at Rachmaninoff Benefit
This is my brother Douglas at the Rachmaninoff benefit. It was his daughter Ellie who got the whole thing started.

I want that piano. It’s a Steinway concert grand, model d. I don’t know a lot about pianos actually, I’m told this is the top of the line, so hence I want one. It looks like they cost around $150,000 used so yeah. I’ll take the Baldwin upright.

I sat down at this piano, but I haven’t played for decades and you can’t just sit down and play after that much time. I simply admired.

I think I’m tired, tired, tired, because I’ve been stressing so much about the implant process which was supposed to start today. One of my dentists emailed some answers to my questions, but his answer was inexplicable. He started talking about how I’d be also wearing two temporary bridges in the meantime and this is the first I’ve heard of it.

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2 thoughts on “Tired, Tired, Tired

  1. I have a bridge on an upper front tooth. It’s connected to the tooth beside it (not removable), and I’ve had it since I was 20 — broke a front tooth.

    I recently had an upper back tooth start hurting, I was scared to death it’d need a crown (expensive even with dental ins.). But since the tooth had a lot of old dental filling, I talked the dentist into redoing the filling. Cheap too. So far, so good…been about a month or longer.

    Good luck with the implant. But you could also just talk to the dentist about what bridge work would look like too.

  2. See, I think a bridge might be absolutely find and a lot less traumatic. I think an implant on a back tooth might be more do-able, because you don’t have to worry about making it look good during the process, which is very long.

    But YAY that you’re just redoing the filling for now. You should celebrate. Get yourself a cake.

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