Haunt me, Beamers!

July 28th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Ghostcat.jpg Procedure done! Thank God I no longer have that hanging over me, or any other medical procedure. I’m drinking coffee with half and half, the way it should be drunk, (is the grammar correct there, because that doesn’t seem quite right) and I am done done done. My hand is bruised from the needle that fed me the drugs to make the procedure bearable, but again, I am done. I am begging the medical establishment to come up with a better way, however. I don’t have to do this again for five years, you can do it in five years, I just know you can.

Meanwhile, I can get back to ghosts and more particularly ghost cats. Don’t you think life after death would be better with cats? The man to the left is expelling ectoplasm which looks like a sheet, but what’s more interesting is the ghost cat at his feet. I would be terrified to see the ghost of a person, but not the ghost of a cat.

I’m intimidated by the chapter I will be beginning soon. A lot of key things happen, but the thing that is scaring me the most is, I have to learn statistics enough to make a decision about what went on in the lab, and I have to make it exciting. I have an idea how to do that, which I think I can pull off, so the scarier thing is getting a handle on the math, which I’ve never been good at.

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  2. By kat on Jul 28, 2006

    The last time I saw a ghost, it was of a little girl bouncing a ball in an auditorium. The thing is, at first I didn’t know she was a ghost. She was running around, bouncing the ball really high while I was asking her to take it outside. Then I noticed an adult with her and I asked her to make her stop. Practically in that very same moment, the little girl’s ball got away from her and she went after it UNDER the stage. There’s a wall there and she went right through it and the adult went after her. Funny though, my mind didn’t “get it” until the ride home, so I wasn’t freaked out at all.

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