Choir Clothes

choirdress.jpg “Might not the arts be not the luxury of a few, but the last best hope of humanity to inhabit with joy this planet?” (Robert Shaw) Our choir director emailed us this quote. He sent it to us last year, too. I love this quote. The answer is yes.

I’m going to be in the front row for our concerts tonight and tomorrow, which means I will actually be SEEN. Of course, I have nothing to wear. The requirements: all black, and demure. I bought two possiblities, a dress and a top, decided I couldn’t afford both, and returned the dress. This is a picture of the dress I returned to Anthropologie yesterday. I couldn’t find a picture of the top I decided to go with. It’s actually almost exactly like this dress, but the sleeves are longer, which I decided was demure-er.

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2 thoughts on “Choir Clothes

  1. Doesn’t look like black choir clothing has changed much through the centuries.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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