The Forty Part Motet and Fort Tyron Park

I’m going to be writing about this for Chorus America so I’m not going to say much for now except you cannot miss this. Go to The Cloisters and see The Forty Part Motet.

Also, The Cloisters and Fort Tyron Park are now my new favorite places in New York. Please scroll down for a couple of pictures of the park …

The Forty Part Motet

There’s a scene in the 1942 movie Cat People, when actor Kent Smith pointed to a sign in the Central Park Zoo with the same saying as the one below. For some reason that scene always stood out for me. I teared up a little when I saw this sign yesterday. I felt a wave of nostalgia for days past, when this sign would have meant more.

Fort Tyron Park

A lovely walk in the park. I have to go back when I am not rushed. What a peaceful place this would be to sit and read. Another thing of the past! Not just books but reading. Although I will miss books, I want a Kindle! I heard something described as a “long form” article, and it was maybe 700 or 800 words. That’s long form??

and Fort Tyron Park

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2 thoughts on “The Forty Part Motet and Fort Tyron Park

  1. How about this? I bought a Nook Color HD+ for $149. Runs Android so I have a Kindle app on it and am reading a Kindle book right now. Also books from Google Play and and eBooks from B&N, so the tablet covers the whole spectrum. And the same size as an iPad. No mini here.

    The drawback? Sometimes I feel like Dug from “Up!” – Squirrel!

    I’m constantly flipping back and forth between my books and the Internet. I read a lot of nonfiction (i.e., “Imperfect Harmony” for example) and have to look things up.

    As far as long form is concerned, I think it means long form journalism. Have you tried

  2. I was just joking that such a small amount of words is considered long form. 700 or 800 words is like a page and a half! Not very long!

    The Nook Color HD+ sounds like perfection to me!! ENVY!! (I laughed at the Squirrel! thing.)

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