December 7th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

tree3.jpg I put up my little, desk-sized Christmas tree. We’ll see how long those ornaments last. The cats broke their first within seconds. There was a little kitty high-fiving action, but they stopped when they saw me looking.

Meanwhile, I’ve been splurging somewhat lately in the beauty area. I have to recommend this new place I went to to get my brows done. Christine Chin. Christine read me the riot act about my brows, then went to work and I love the results. I have to go back in a month, because she’s changed the line and I need to grow out certain spots. She also made promises about what she could do for me with a facial and I believe her. So when I go back to get my brows done I’m going for the facial, too. Yes, this is why the terrorists hate us, I know. And, I just realized that with this paragraph I probably lost any male readers I might have had left.

Had a lovely dinner out last night with Hadley, Angus and Jonathan. They are the people who help Echo out with technical stuff. I almost never get to see them in person. Our exchanges are mostly like this:

ME: [X] is BROKEN. Help!!
Hadley or Jonathan or Angus: Oh yes, I see what’s wrong. No problem, we’ll fix it!!
ME: My heroes!! (Okay, I don’t say that but I think it.)

I just noticed that you can see the book, “Life After Death” on my shelf. I just finished “Phone Calls From the Dead,” yesterday. Death, death, death. (It’s research for my book!) And, speaking of terrorists, there was a time when you would have seen the World Trade Center in the distance in this view from my window. Oh God. Remember the smell? I just remembered that you could smell the fires burning downtown for months. Months. I had forgotten that.

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  2. By michelle on Dec 7, 2006

    I know what you mean. The times I’ve had my brows done I’ve always felt completely changed although no one else even notices a difference.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Dec 7, 2006

    Exactly! It really makes the face. Your eyes just seem more … there. And yeah, probably no one notices. I also have bangs and wear glasses, so it’s kinda insane. But I feel pretty!

  4. By david on Dec 8, 2006

    For goodness sakes-it is OK to ‘live a little.’

    Are there not greater indulgences than facials
    and brow grooming ???

  5. By michelle on Dec 10, 2006

    massages are the best indulgences…

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