Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

spark2.jpg I lit a sparkler in the kitchen. Surprisingly, the cats didn’t run but watched.

In a couple of hours I’m heading out to Long Island, WAY WAY WAY out on Long Island to be there when my oldest and dearest friend Chris gets MARRIED. Charlie proposed a few days before Christmas and they decided to just do it. I have nothing decent to wear because, I just realized, for years all my dressy occasions have been during warm weather. Thank God it doesn’t really matter what I wear. The pressure is on Chris, not me! She bought an off white suit, which I should have pictures of by tomorrow.

Which reminds me. Chris asked me to take pictures. Here’s the thing — when I started out in life I was a photographer. And I didn’t completely suck, but I worked with a view camera and took forever on each shot. Quick, candid shots, not so much. PLUS, most of the shots I’ve been taking lately have been coming out out of focus, and I don’t know why. (You’ll see when I post this funny picture I took of a bunch of firemen the other day. Totally out of focus, but I’m going to post it anyway, because it’s just too good even with the out of focus.)

So I’m terrified that any pictures I take will suck AND be out of focus. And there’s no do-overs on occasions like this.


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  2. By Betsy on Dec 31, 2006

    Happy New Year to you! What a fun way to spend the “eve” by being part of a dear friend’s wedding. You never know who you might meet at one of these affairs either. I hope you were able to enjoy some of it instead of fretting over the pictures. I would be having one big anxiety attack. Let us know how they turned out. Cheers!

  3. By Ellen on Dec 31, 2006

    You’ll be swell. You’ll be great!
    Take a deep, cleansing breath and shoot away.
    Hope you can some fun, too.

    Oh and a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year to you!


  4. By Stacy Horn on Jan 1, 2007

    Thank you, both!! It worked out well — see above!!

  5. By mauro on Jan 6, 2007

    is it a digital camera? there’s usually a “half point” on the shutter, where the camera “captures” a place to focus – so if you want to focus on something that’s not dead center, you could just put that person/thing in the middle, press half way down, then move the person to where you want it, without releasing it – once it’s how you like, you finish pressing the shutter. Even if that’s not your ideia, pressing in “two stages” tends to work better for focus… (hi, Stacy!)

  6. By Stacy Horn on Jan 9, 2007

    Hi Mauro!! How are you — and where are you? Yeah, I guess I should do the half-way down press thing, but I’ve never done tha before and I’ve only started having focus problems lately. It’s weird.

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