Well Played, East 19th Street

I was walking home along East 19th Street, between 3rd Avenue and Irving Place, in the lovely Gramercy Park area, and I noticed that building after building was filled with such great detail and embellishments. I’ve since learned this block is known for its beauty. And that Samuel J. Tilden had an escape tunnel built from his home at 15 Gramercy Park (South) to East 19th Street!

I took all of these on this one block.



I looked up this house, #139, and learned that it was on the market for 13 MILLION dollars (and sold). If you google it you’ll find pictures of the inside. It’s fabulous, of course. Beautiful fireplaces, staircases, sigh, sigh, sigh.




Of course there were lots of gargoyles and lions. This is just one of many.


A converted carriage house. It looks like they’re having work done inside. Anyway, damn. I wish I was better at the money-earning side of life! If you look up Gramercy Park and read the Wikipedia page, I mean talk about how the other half lived (and how many still live, although fewer to that degree). In comparison, I walked by all this on my way home from the NYU Dental School because I can’t afford a private dentist. I have to use dental school students.

That said, I am almost done and I’m going to be posting in praise of them shortly. The work and care I got at the NYU Dental School was phenomenal. I hope I’ll be able to go to those wonderful students from now on. I wish the ones who helped me weren’t graduating!


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