Animals Will Break Your Heart

Raise your hand if Barbaro broke you heart. Why is that?? I’m not even a horse person. I took one riding lesson and said, “Not for me.” I just really didn’t want Barbaro to die. And he did. Damnit to hell.

Well, Finney and Buddy are healthy. Here is Finn, making it impossible for me to work. I had to move the computer off the desk and onto my lap because he kept trying to snap off keys. Note the tail action.

Stacy Horn

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4 thoughts on “Animals Will Break Your Heart

  1. Barbaro’s death was the lead story on newscasts here in the Louisville area. They gave free admission to the Churchill Downs Museum so people could watch the tape of Barbaro winning the Derby, and there were huge boards (sympathy cards) that people could sign. No apologies for grieving here.

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