Summer Make-Over

Hair3.jpg Hair1.jpg I posted about this before, but it got lost in the webserver make-over. I’m going for a new look. My appointment is Monday and I’m freaking out. These cuts are kinda what I’m thinking about. Right now my hair is longish, but I never ever wear it down. The thing is, I love the pulled back look, or wearing it up, so am I going to miss that too much??

Scared, scared, scared.

But, they’re cute, right? I know it will always grow back, but who wants to look bad for months until it does? Especially around a birthday? (My birthday is next month.)

Stacy Horn

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6 thoughts on “Summer Make-Over

  1. Could you get a few highlights put in too? That will give it texture and make it look even better. And you can also put all kinds of fun “hair jewellery” in it. And then you have to post a photo of you right after it’s done.

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