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Cut1.jpg Okay, so what do we think?? I think it’s really cute from the front, but the back, I don’t know. He said I would lose the look in the front and it would feel soccer-mom-ish if he cut it more in the back, so what was I going to say? Yes, make look like a soccer mom. Also, my bangs dyed back to my original shade of brown now looks fake! I think it’s because it’s one block of unbroken, unvaried color. I’m going to live with it all a few days and see how I feel.

I do love the cut from the front though. I mean, you can see from this shot how cute it is. (I couldn’t figure out how to take my own picture without the camera in my face. It was like some weird spatial puzzle, or early-onset alzheimers.)

Stacy Horn

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7 thoughts on “My New Look

  1. I love it!!! – It makes you look even cutier than you are in person – Seriously it looks great!

  2. It looks great…you are so young looking. Aren’t you around my age? And if so, that’s just not fair!!!! You look fabulous!

  3. Stacy, from the shot u posted it is a beautiful cut. I hope u are glad u went with the cut “on the left”

  4. Thank you thank you thank you.

    First, nothing wrong with looking like a soccer mom, per se, but do even soccor moms want to have a soccer mom-look, or would they prefer someone instead described their look another way?

    Debby, I’m about to turn 51. I picked a flattering shot. There were others that showed my double chin for instance, but notice the nice positioning of the camera in this one. Ha. But I did kinda luck out in the DNA department. Thank you, mom and dad and ancestors. I will be taking that back of course if I get some horrible cancer later.

  5. Oh it looks great! He did a good job of following the picture… I bet it will feel funny to wash – hey, where’s all my hair?
    (And, ya, I have to admit, I regularly have straight hair envy. I blame it on the media obsession with Gwyneth Paltrow from a few years back.)

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