No Way Everyone is Walking 10,000 Steps of Day

You know how they say you should walk 10,000 steps a day? I always figured I must be walking that much every day, at least. Many years ago I decided to stop taking the subway and to walk everywhere I go. This isn’t as big a deal as it sounds, I don’t usually go all that far, but I walk even if I’m going to the Met (way, way uptown, like 80 blocks away, plus I have to head east).

I didn’t walk to my appointment at Mt. Sinai yesterday (101st Street and Madison) because I would have had to start walking too early in order to make it on time. And, when I was walking home afterwards, I got on the subway at 42nd Street. I was tired.

Even with cutting my walk short though, it was a ton of walking. Maybe an hour and a half of walking? Out of curiosity, I just calculated exactly how much walking I did yesterday, all told, and it came to 5.5 miles. How many steps was that? I just looked. For most people, a mile = 2,000 steps. So I made my 10,000. But the thing is, that was not a normal walking day for me. I figure on most days I walk around 2 or 3 miles. The website I looked at called that sedentary. You gotta be kidding me. On what planet??

I took this when I got on the subway. These are all the people who, like me, are going to die young due to our sedentary life styles. Those people who are sitting can just forget about it. Oh my god, I just noticed, there are no older people in this picture.

New York City Subway

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2 thoughts on “No Way Everyone is Walking 10,000 Steps of Day

  1. Try Zumba……….at class the other night, my friend said her pedometer clocked around 5000 steps in just one hour. I know that sounds crazy but it is a lot of dancing around for a whole hour and lots of fun!

  2. But that means you’d have to do two hours of that. How many people are doing that much exercise or walking EVERY day?

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