Holidays and Birthday

Finnhead.jpgThis MBSR stuff I’m learning has made me stop and smell the roses, which is nice, although in my case that translates to getting down on the floor to smell the kittens. I took this a couple of hours ago while taking a break from writing.

Birthday week plans.

Getting my highlights done on Tuesday. The cut I’m leaving alone, I’m just going to grow it out. Other plans: movies. Knocked Up, Waitress, 28 Weeks Later, The Lives of Others. Shopping. I need new clothes for the gym. When I first started going I bought a lot of spandex-y like things because what did I know and that’s what they sell in the gym clothes section. Turns out, I hate those spandex-y things. I also need some summer tops, and dressy earrings to wear to this dinner for my brother who is Man of the Year for … a kidney foundation charity, but I can’t find the papers and I forgot the name!

I’ve also got an Apple Store credit that I’m going to use. I’ll be going to the gym, so I feel fit and healthy and ready to have 50 more birthdays, and giving myself a nice, home-spa-like day.

A bunch of friends are planning to do a group birthday party thing, but we haven’t been getting our act together on this.

Any good Memorial Day weekend TV?

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2 thoughts on “Holidays and Birthday

  1. What a very fun picture of Finney! A close up of his little kitty nostrils– so cute! In this photo he reminds me of the fabulous historic cartoon”Krazy Kat” that ran from 1913 to 1940. It’s fascinating and very surreal for its time, particularly the background images. If you want to look it up it’s at

    Have you seen Nora the piano playing cat on youtube? The sequel is the best.

    Happy Birthday Week!

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