The Most Perfect Pop Song in All the Universe Ever

Horse1.jpg I walked by this cop and his horse on 11th Street, on my way to the gym. Doesn’t this horse look way too small for this policeman? I thought, ‘well, maybe he’s a baby horse in training, out on his training run, on the quiet streets of the West Village,’ but still. He looked too small to carry that guy (not a comment on the guy, who was an average sized guy). The horse loved those kids though.

I found this absolutely adorable YouTube video of a mounted cop, I think I read it was made by the guy’s daughter. Very cute.

OH. I almost forgot. I found the most perfect song. The number one most perfect pop song in all the universe. I didn’t find it, my friend Aly told me I’d like it and he was right. It’s called Couldn’t Be Done and it’s by Tim Finn. I have to make myself stop listening to it over and over. Everything about it, the words, supported by the most perfect, mood-lifting, everything’s-going-to-be-alright melody. Go find it and listen to it. You’ll thank me. No seriously, go find it now. (Excuse me, but are you still here?? GO. I mean, please go.)

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2 thoughts on “The Most Perfect Pop Song in All the Universe Ever

  1. OK I did as instructed and got the tune from iTunes. And you’re right it is terrific although probably not as perfect as the song I consider the most perfect pop song in the universe, “Hey Jude” where Paul manages to take a sad song and make it better, with a little help from his friends in a mere 7:11. Finn of course with his brother is as close to the Beatles as can be. My second favorite pop song of all time has to be Buffy’s “Going Through the Motions” which I’m sure you might appreciate as well.

    I do recommend based on your love of “Couldn’t Be Done” that you listen to the Arctic Monkeys and the Fratellis…

  2. I just checked to see if I already have anything by either of them, and I have something called Flathead by the Flatellis! But nothing by Arctic Monkey, so I’m going to find them and listen to them now.

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